Eyes of the World

Tomorrow I will have officially been in Switzerland for 3 weeks now. It hasn’t been easy that is for sure. There have been times were I thought I would just break and pack and leave. I am strong and I know I can do this. I know I will be staying until the end of the summer. Its so much to process everyday because just the general things that happen on a day to day basis here, I’m not always used to.  How many times do people have to ask me how to turn on the damn TV??? Are you all that incompetent that you can’t work a TV?  You people come here for vacation and yet you are all still running on your busy uptight schedules. That really doesn’t sound like much of a vacation to me. Don’t ask me every few hours what the weather is… if the sky looks cloudy then it’s the same as it was two hours ago. No I don’t know the dollar to Swissfranc, look it up you have a computer!! Just questions I encounter on a daily basis. Its hard to remember when you have had the question so many times that you still need to be polite in answering the question… even if its the same person that has asked you 20 million times already. At the end of the day, these are the things I laugh about to keep my sanity. When you are in a place that you can’t completely be yourself, and much less dress how you want to dress on your personal time, you have your outlets. I have realized something this week. People that come to this place assume and judge anyone like they are under a microscope. I was taught to always give people the benefit of the doubt and I haven’t seen that once in this place. Some people are just too busy thinking that everyone acts, thinks, and speaks like them. WAKE UP into the 22nd century. We all have personalities that can’t be shut down. So its very hard for me to internalize that even on my personal time roaming around the city,  I will be under that microscope. Frankly, I find it sad that people have the need to be concerned with people they don’t know. I do things in my way and you do things in yours. It doesn’t bother me so it shouldn’t bother you.


“Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world,
the heart has it’s beaches, it’s homeland and thoughts of it’s own.
Wake now, discover that you are the song that the mornin’ brings,
But the heart has it’s seasons, it’s evenin’s and songs of it’s own.”